A neighborhood craft coffee concept. Specializing in fair trade, organic, single estate, micro lot, locally micro roasted coffee & competition level espresso.
We look forward to serving you.

Specialty Craft Coffee

In the busy pace of today’s time many seek a place to take a moment for themselves or chat comfortably with a friend. Cafe Bella Coffee was created to provide just such a place. With a focus on community and quality products our neighborhood cafe strives to be woven into the fabric of the people that live and work in our area.

Our door is always open to visitors and travelers as well. With roots in Seattle, the coffee capital of the world we specialize in craft coffee, competition level espresso and hand crafted local food items.

Life is Too Short

to Drink Bad Coffee

Farm to Cup

Relationships with actual grower families Locally Micro Roaster gives 10% back to growers To you for enjoyment and being part of this goodness


5stars2 “This is likely the best sandwich I have had in the Duke City”
Larry McGoldrick Food Critic
5stars2 “Cafe Bella not only has wonderful FRESH food and coffee, but is quickly turning into a community resource.”
5stars2 “As something of a coffee snob, I have yet to be disappointed.”
5stars2 “Once again Cafe Bella makes my day!! Best coffee and best service in Abq area!!”

We invite you to come and enjoy our space with friends, family or colleagues any time you are in the area. We will provide a warm welcome and a smile.





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Rio Rancho Cafe

2115 Golf Course Rd SE
Rio Rancho, NM 87124
ORDERS |  505 994-9436

Cafe Hours

Mon – Sat  7am – 3pm
Fri Night  7pm – 9pm
Sunday  9am – 2pm

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