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New Mexico Coffee Culture

by Mar 12, 2016Cafe Bella

New Mexico Coffee Culture

The Specialty Coffee Culture in New Mexico is still young, but growing. Flavored coffee is not specialty coffee as most are now understanding.

Back in 2012 when we created one of our other sites called the New Mexico Coffee Map we were able to locate 47 Independent Espresso Cafe concepts statewide.

Albuquerque, being the largest city and market in the state currently only holds a rank of being a secondary convention market. Much closer to a Tuscon than a Phoenix if we use Arizona cities as an example. The Albuquerque Metro area that combines the suburban areas of Rio Rancho, Corrales and Los Lunas, Creating the largest cluster of independent coffee businesses in the state.

The outline and other areas of New Mexico also have independent representation and we encourage you to visit them when you are near.

Coffee Snobs, Caffeine Lovers, Coffee Hounds call them what you may these are all people who love their coffee and we have them in New Mexico. Some will try to tell you that coffee brought in from a national name is the best on the planet or even say “Jamican Blue Mountain”. Others are more in tune with the third wave movement of independent coffee shops that has taken hold across the nation. These cover lovers search high & low for locally roasted, single origin coffee because in their book when it is done right, it simply gets no better.

Many people that relocate to New Mexico feel displaced when seeking to replace their favorite specialty coffee shop “from back home”. You can see the people from Seattle search for that perfect crema. The idea of a flavored coffee makes them physically ill.

Now more than ever there are new fresh concepts opening their doors in unexpected locations to provide the people of New Mexico coffee in new different ways. More and more consumers shy away from high fructose sugar laden products and commodity coffee chain concepts.

With the world of knowledge at their fingertips coffee lovers are visiting sites like and watching documentaries like about how much damage the commodity coffee industry is causing to farmers and growers in other countries. Slowly in New Mexico awareness is brewing about coffee. Hopefully we can help with information when you visit us at either of our locations we truly believe the that life is too short to drink bad coffee.

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