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Coffee is everywhere! So many choices and offerings. Some people are attracted to certain coffee by buzz words, others by impressions of what they have about coffee and others seek specific things. The later aligns with the core interests of our customers. The relationship with a roaster is key for any coffee business. Our local roaster is committed to doing good not only in final product but in their business overall. Product selection is performed at the physical source of origin, looking a the actual growing conditions and the people that perform the work. making sure that the workers are justly paid and investing back into those communities. Once the green coffee arrives in New Mexico at the roaster facility the product is checked again to verify it is what was selected, then on to roasting! Our roaster performs artisan small batch micro-roasting to our specifications. Much care and attention is involved with each roast. This makes for an exceptional final product whether it is a brewed cup of coffee or an extracted shot of espresso you get all the quality, all the love.

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