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The history of Cafe Bella Coffee started many years ago in Seattle on a warm spring day. It was 1984 and while enjoying the vibe a friend suggested an iced latte from the espresso cart that was nearby. Watching the coffee scene in Seattle grow and develop it was realized that Coffee helps create a sense of community. Flash forward to 1993 when our owner moved back to New Mexico, it was quickly discovered there was not a coffee scene. In 2011 with a dip in the nation’s economy a spark began. With years of food & beverage experience this neighborhood specialty café was launched


Over the years our concept has been blessed in many ways, the thousands of customers that have graced our doors. The friends we have made; the place we have become. The work we do to offer a local place that people can meet, fall in love, enjoy something really fantastic, get married, or have some alone time continues to humble us. Helping schools and nonprofit causes in a grassroots approach and creating a sense of community, a culture.


We look to the future with anticipation and excitement. Excited about the people we have yet to meet, to see the friends we know. Hoping to continue being a place that promotes ideas, collaboration and dreams. We get up every day to serve it is in our DNA it is part of our person, it is what we do. If we can serve well and put a smile on someone’s face and something delicious in there tummy we have done well.


Reader’s Choice, Rio Rancho Observer

Best of the City, Albuquerque The Magazine

Best of Rio Rancho, Rio Rancho the Magazine

Cafe Bella was recognized by the Governor for our creativity and adaptation during the COVID-19 pandemic.


New Mexico Style

Albuquerque The Magazine

ABQ Sports

NM Car & Truck


Why we partner with our local micro roaster

Why we partner with our local micro roaster

Coffee is everywhere! So many choices and offerings. Some people are attracted to certain coffee by buzz words, others by impressions of what they have about coffee and others seek specific things. The later aligns with the core interests of our customers. The...

New Mexico Coffee Culture

New Mexico Coffee Culture

New Mexico Coffee Culture The Specialty Coffee Culture in New Mexico is still young, but growing. Flavored coffee is not specialty coffee as most are now understanding. Back in 2012 when we created one of our other sites called the New Mexico Coffee Map we were able...

The Story of Coffee

The Story of Coffee

By the late 1600’s the Dutch were growing coffee at Malabar in India and in 1699 took some plants to Batavia in Java, in what is now Indonesia. Within a few years the Dutch colonies had become the main suppliers of coffee to Europe, where coffee had first been brought...

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Rio Rancho Cafe

2115 Golf Course Rd SE
Rio Rancho, NM 87124
ORDERS |  505 994-9436

Cafe Hours

Mon – Sat  7am – 3pm
Fri Night  7pm – 9pm
Sunday  9am – 2pm

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